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Poshmark Setup & Introduction

Poshmark is an amazing way to buy and sell tons of products!!!!!!!!!! Products can be gently used, new without tags, brand new with tags, or even wholesale!! Let us set your Poshmark Closet up for you, get you started by listing a few items, and get you on the right track to becoming a Posh Ambassador and Preferred Seller. 

We wont leave you high and dry - we will teach you the in's and out's and best tips for selling your inventory! The more time and care you invest into your closet, the better the results and more money you will see in your account!! 

Did you know that Posh is how we started our business in the very beginning?! It took us a while, but we did our research, took the time (LOTS), and came up with our own unique way of running our online Poshmark Closet - Let us help you start yours off too!!!!! *this can all be done strictly online as well. You run your program, and we will be there to support you along the way, whatever you choose!!

Poshmark Closet Assistant

We absolutely LOVE Poshmark and have had such a wonderful experience, along with making quite a bit of money. Although we have to put TONS AND TONS of work into our Posh Closet, it has been beneficial and worth it to us in so many ways! Give us the go-ahead to create the perfect closet, upload pictures, price, and share your items. Sharing your items, and other people's items, raises your statstics and helps you sell your products. SHARE - SHARE - SHARE!!!!! This is a big job, especially if you want to sell your products and make money consistenly. We will give you full access to you page, so you can check in whenever! We will also provide you with weekly invoices, receipts, and all other documentations of your shipped packages. You get YOUR money, once your buyer receives their package. Shipping is a huge part of this too. We will ship your products for you. You just make the money :) 

Let us create, and run your personal Posh closet for a monthly fee of $100 per 20 items. Prices can vary depending on inventory list.

Social Media Specialist

Need some help running your company's social media sites? We specialize in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. We give you full access to your page, but we will follow, like and share in order to get your business the followers, likes, and shares back in return! Social media sites are becoming more and more popular and super vital to spread the word. Let us take your company to the next level by being you Social Media Specialist!!!!! 

*Prices will be discussed and determined based upon platform, frequency, and results.