Our services

Consignment Online

Nothing makes selling your items easier than doing it online. If you have items you're trying to sell, WE want to buy them!! Send us a photo of the item (be honest, if there are any imperfections or wear and tear), so we can determine a price. We will send you a partial payment, once we are notified of shipment, and send the rest of the agreed upon dollar amount once we receive the item or items. 

*Local customers will be provided free pickup, and payment in person.

In Home Consignment

If you are like many of our current customers, you have a ton of items you are looking to either donate, or sell. Our in home services, provide simple, and on the spot payment for your items. We would like to do some research and gain some information prior to our visit, since we do offer price amounts for individual items, or by weight, depending on the product and items. 

*An added fee of $25 will be added for customers 30 minutes drive away, or more. 

Personal Seller

Having a personal seller is a simple and easy way to keep your items and products, but have them marketed, listed, shared, and promoted on several different platforms. With this type of service, we can sell ANYTHING. 

How does this work?

We come to see your items, photograph them, research them, price, and list them on the appropriate websites. You keep the product, until it gets SOLD, and once it does, it gets shipped out and you receive your money once the item is received. Prices do vary upon each item, since we only list/market it, we do not keep the item -only promote it for you! 

*Price based on total amount of items being listed