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Fashion Finds & Thrifted Treasures

We love sharing our fun finds and background information about our new, used, thrifted, and gifted products. Being able to send some love and making our customers feel special is our number one priority! We love when everyone is happy, especially you!!!!! Our thrifted and gently used products are taken care of very carefully. We are also very honest about the quality and every single detail regarding the item. Some people like surprises, but when it comes to buying second hand clothing - we don't! You will know everything about your selected item and we will carefully clean, iron, and send to you. Full and 100% satisfaction or a full refund will be returned to you. We doubt you'll have to worry about that though :) consign consignment

Boutique & Bundle Buying

We are super proud and fortunate to be working with our team/partners who support our goals, site and give us the opportunity to sell their beautiful, brand new, boutique products. We also buy and sell some of our inventory in the form of wholesale. You can purchase several items at one time, or request any boutique or wholesale product to be sent in wholesale and bundle form. Bundle form is a great way to buy several items and pay the same very low shipping fee, or free shipping altogether. The more you items you bundle, the less your shipping will be! Sounds weird, but no need to worry, we will walk you through the process!! We want to promote more shopping and less stress about shipping fees!

Our Success is Your Success

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?! We pride ourselves on our kind and compassionate staff who work really hard to make sure you get a package beyond belief! We have received comments such as, "I felt like it was my birthday," and "thank you for making me feel so special and personalizing my package." THESE ARE GOALS WE AIM FOR!! This is why we personally thank you, and package your items carefully and with tons of love!! We want you to shop with us over and over again!!!!! Please let us know how we do and how much you love your package when you receive it! If you are not shopping with us, and you are using some of our other services, we promise you are going to love them too!!!!!! Our success reflects your happiness and being able to reach everyone's goals! 

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